Fort Marion, circa 1856

The Idea Vault

We can expect an endless list of ideas to celebrate 450 years of history and, our archaeologists remind us, thousands of years before. Our community's task is to bring out the best and find the sponsors.

We envision creation of an official commemorative commission, a 450 signature logo, and sanctioning of programs and projects with exclusive rights to use that logo. Individuals, organizations, and businesses will want to develop their ideas and look to their ranks or outside sponsors to support them.

For the sponsor, there will be recognition in the years leading up to the commemoration dates, and for those programs and projects that will continue beyond the 450th, continuing recognition by millions in generations to come. These would be projects and programs like annual festivals, permanent historic marker programs, and funding to preserve historic buildings and sites.

There may be some government financing, and 450 Corps and the ultimate official commission will be raising funds for their operations, but the most effective plan will match specific programs and projects with sponsors.

We're starting now both to invite folks with busy schedules, like kings, popes, and major entertainers, and for potential projects and festivals to smooth out the wrinkles in the years before the commemoration date.

We look forward to our community commenting on and adding to the list through our interactive forum as we capture 450 years and more of history.



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